Dear Beautiful Birth Worker,
I am so excited to invite you into our Doula Affiliate Program!
If you have a passion to help women experience the goodness of God and His presence and joy in their pregnancies and births, this program is for you!

I have moms writing me every week who are looking for a like-minded Christian doula in their city and I want them to be able to find YOU! 

So I'm starting a Doula Affiliate List on my website. As an affiliate with A Heavenly Welcome, I will post your contact info on that list so that expecting moms in your city can find you. 

Here's how it works:
  • First, go through our online Kingdom Childbirth Class. The moms who come to my website are looking for a like-minded doula who believes the things that I teach in this class. So I ask all my doula affiliates to go through the class (it's not too big of a commitment - just 3.5 hours worth of videos). I will tell you more about the class below. (And as a doula affiliate, you get to purchase the class for half-off - just $50). 
  • Let me know when you complete the class and I will post your contact info and city on my Doula Affiliate List. I'm excited to be able to refer you and for moms in your city to hire you!
  • Get new doula clients who are looking for an awesome Christian doula in their area!
  • Tell others about the class and make $20 for everyone who purchases the class through your referral!
Sound good?
I'm excited to partner with you to empower moms all over the world to birth their babies in God's joy and presence and to enjoy the GIFT that He intended birth to be!
And now, let me tell you a little about the class. Going through this class is the first step to becoming an affiliate!

Here is a promo video to give you a sneak peak of the class.
In this online class, moms receive life-time access to teaching videos that cover:
Section 1: God’s Heart for Birth
  • Discover what the Bible has to say about birth and the blessing that God intends for it to be in your life.
  • Get free from lies and misconceptions and learn how to renew your mind to start thinking about birth from a Kingdom perspective.
Section 2: The Labor Process
  • Learn about the entire labor and birth process, the beautiful way God created it all to work, and how to partner with His perfect design.
Section 3: Hormones & Pain in Labor
  • Understand the hormones of birth and how to increase the good hormones that make labor enjoyable and how to decrease the stress hormones that make it painful.
  • Discover where most pain in labor comes from and how to decrease it! 
Section 4: Comfort Measures
  • Explore all the wonderful things that make labor enjoyable and comfortable! Practice massage, breathing, relaxing with Holy Spirit, labor positions, and worship. This is where your partner gets equipped to love on you really well during the birth.
  • Learn to create an atmosphere for the birth that welcomes the presence of God!
Section 5:  Interventions & Birth Plan
  • Gain knowledge about some of the main medical interventions in birth so that you feel equipped to make informed decisions if your caregiver suggests one of them.
  • Learn how to write a birth plan to take with you to the hospital.
Section 6:  Postpartum & Newborn Care
  • Understand what to expect right after your baby is born and how to care for baby and yourself during the postpartum time. This season is harder than giving birth for lots of moms and it’s important to prepare well for it so you can enjoy your new little bundle of joy and weather the ups and downs of those first few weeks!
Section 7:  Jesus Encounter
  • Experience an encounter with Jesus where you get to release fears to Him and hear His specific words and heart for your birth. It’s a beautiful, freeing, and special connection time with Him!
"I honestly felt like you covered all I was yearning to know and didn’t even know I needed to know. It shifted perspective for me from fear to empowerment."
- Ashley 2nd time mom
Watch the videos and work through the material at your own pace, on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home. Re-watch the class as many times as you want, and revisit certain sections as labor gets closer. Use the class as a refresher for future births as well! 
When you join the class, you receive a special login to our membership site where you will have lifetime access to:
3.5 hours of high quality teaching videos to empower you to birth your baby in confidence, peace, and God’s presence.
PLUS 4 Special Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album

Our Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album to listen to during your pregnancy as you prepare for your birth. It include Scriptures to soak in, birth declarations, relaxation exercises with the Holy Spirit, and more
(A $15 value included FREE)
Bonus #2: Printable Birth Resources

A whole packet of PDF resources including Notes to accompany the videos, Labor Positions, Birth Scriptures, Birth Declarations, Creating Your Atmosphere worksheets, and even a checklist if you have a Rapid Unattended Birth. We got you covered.
Bonus #3: Live Q&A Times 

Access to a whole archive of Q&A videos with Kierra where she answers hundreds of moms' questions on topics not covered in the class centered around pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time. These Q&A sessions are all posted on the member site where you can watch them at your own pace. 
Bonus #4: Members Only Facebook Group

Exclusive access to Our Members Only Facebook Group
where you can connect and journey with other moms who are taking the class, ask questions, post prayer requests, and get more personal connection with Kierra.
While most childbirth classes cost between $300-$400, this class is only $50* for you as a Doula Affiliate. And that includes lifetime access so you can re-watch it as many times as you want!

*(Doula Affiliate Discount, class is normally $97)*
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Take the entire Kingdom Childbirth Class and if you aren’t fully satisfied for any reason, get 100% of your money back. Just shoot me an e-mail at and I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked. 
I look forward to walking this journey with you and partnering with you to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into the birth world!

Excited to have you in the affiliate program!

Frequently Asked Questions
How soon can I get started and how long will I have access to the class for?
As soon as you purchase the class you'll get the link to create your login and password to get access to the members area where you can start viewing the videos and resources immediately. Watch them at your own pace, on your own schedule :). You will have access to the class for life and can re-watch it as many times as you want!

Is this available to watch on my phone?
The videos and the website are all viewable by any mobile device! That means you can watch the videos on your tablet in bed, or on the go on your phone. You'll have kingdom childbirth resources wherever you go!

As a first time mom, is this class comprehensive enough to cover everything I need to know for my first birth?
Yes. So far all the first-time moms who have taken it have said that it was the perfect length for them. Even though it’s shorter than some birth classes, it covers all the basics you need to know. Sometimes longer classes give you so much info that it’s overload (especially for the husbands) and you end up forgetting most of it. This class covers the most important things for you to understand and remember during labor. We encourage you to try it and if for any reason, you feel like it wasn’t enough, we are happy to refund your money! We just want you feeling fully equipped as you enter your birth! 

I’m due in 7 days! What if I don’t have enough time to finish the whole class before baby comes?
Feel free to purchase the class and if baby comes early and you aren’t able to finish the class, just e-mail me and I’ll be happy to refund your money to you. Who knows, maybe baby will come a week or two after your due date and you’ll have plenty of time :). Plus, the videos are a total of 3.5 hours, so if you’re under a time crunch, you can watch them all in one evening! (You probably even have time to watch them during early labor since that stage usually lasts longer than 3.5 hours :). Then the info will be super fresh for you :). But if it doesn’t work out for you to take the class, just e-mail me and I’ll make sure you get your money back.

What if I already took a local childbirth class, will this be helpful for me?
YES! Even if you’ve taken a childbirth class before, THIS class will empower you to partner with God in your birth and equip you with the hope and faith you need to have an amazing experience! It will prepare you spiritually and cover some really important topics that other birth classes leave out.

When is the best time during my pregnancy to purchase and start watching the class?
If you're at the beginning of your pregnancy, I encourage you to get the class now so that you can start renewing your mind and getting God's heart for your birth early on. It will allow you to walk in so much more PEACE throughout your pregnancy.  Plus, you can start interacting with the moms in the members Facebook group and posting your questions and prayer requests for your entire pregnancy journey. I recommend watching at least the 1st and last sections early on (God's Heart for Birth & the Jesus Encounter) and then watching them again, plus the other sections at the beginning of your third trimester so the info and tips are fresh for your upcoming labor! And then remember you can always re-watch sections right before your due date if you want to refresh on something :).

But if you didn't find the class till the end of your pregnancy and you are due any day, you can still purchase it now and have time to watch the videos and get equipped for an awesome birth with God! If baby comes early and you don't get a chance to finish the class, just e-mail me and I'm happy to refund your money :).
Check out what other mama's have to say about this class below...
"Kierra’s Kingdom Childbirth class is exceptional. It helped us to experience the tangible presence of God during my childbirth. Kierra’s heart is to speak truth into the lives of those who take her class. I had a traumatic childbirth the first time, but her class filled us with faith to hope for the beauty of childbirth again and taught us practical ways to prepare for it. Our experience this time was filled with wonder. I had a hospital birth and one of the nurses said, “This is so beautiful being here and watching you go through labor.” I can say that the class gave me a different perspective of childbirth and helped me invite the presence of God. The wonder of God in all of it brought healing to our past experience. I highly recommend Kierra’s Kingdom Childbirth class to everyone expecting a baby."

- Rachel (2nd Time Mom)

"This class brought so much hope and life to my soul and spirit! Before taking this class, I was struggling with fears about my birth and questioning my ability to be a good mama. But after taking this class, I walked away so, so changed and excited for my birth! I really feel this class changed my life and perspective as I enter mamahood very soon."

- Rebekah (1st Time Mom)

"My husband and I loved Kierra’s Kindgdom Childbirth class. Not only did she present practical information on the way my body would be working during labor, and how to best work with it to have a healthy and positive birth experience, she went beyond the practical to the emotional and spiritual aspects of birth. She took time in her class for us to connect with the Lord about His heart for us, our baby, our birth. It was actually the first time I had asked God to speak to me about my birth, and it felt SO GOOD to connect with Him and hear His heart. In the busyness of preparing for an addition to our family, this class was a breath of fresh air and a reminder that God was with us in the whole process, and to lean on Him and receive His promises and life. We are so grateful for Kierra and what she has to offer, and highly recommend her class!"
- Hannah (2nd Time Mom)
"I took Kierra’s Kingdom Childbirth Class when I was pregnant with my third child. As I had a five year gap between my youngest and the coming baby, the class looked like the perfect refresher for me – not too long, and undergirded with a Christian perspective. I was not disappointed. One of my previous labors had been quite challenging and rather traumatic and I felt my faith stirred for better things after this class. I was so impressed with Kierra that I actually asked her to be my doula after hearing her share. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to approach their labor and delivery with a Kingdom perspective, especially if they’ve battled with fear and anxiety regarding childbirth in the past. This class will build your faith in the goodness and faithfulness of God!"
- Melissa (3rd Time Mom)
"I am so grateful for this birth class; it was such a blessing to me and played a very important role in my pregnancy, labor and delivery! This was my third little one. Even though I had previously had two natural births and taken a birth class, this class was so valuable to me! Kierra’s heart for birth and inviting the Holy Spirit into the whole process was so beautiful! The part I loved the most was that she emphasized that God had something special for each of us, a different way he would show up, that it is not about comparison or trying to copy someone else’s story, but being open and yielded for what he had for us personally."
- Katie (3rd Time Mom)
"I felt so equipped from what you share and most of all what you impart, you have a mantel for this stuff and people are being changed. I honestly felt like you covered all I was yearning to know and didn’t even know I needed to know. It shifted perspective for me from fear to empowerment & I was able to take truth along with tools & know that even if I experience “pain” that didn’t mean it wasn’t supernatural and I felt confident in myself and The Lord to come through."

- Ashley (2nd Time Mom)

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